Stay Safe and Sound With BuildBlock Insulating Concrete Forms

Stay Safe and Sound With BuildBlock Insulating Concrete Forms

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When building a new home or reconstructing an existing one, it is important to carefully consider the concrete materials you choose in order to have a structurally sound home that'll last for years to come. When you hire Burlington Concrete Construction Inc. for concrete services, you won't have to worry about us using cheap insulating concrete forms in your home. We supply and install BuildBlock Insulating Concrete Forms (ICF).

Call one of our concrete contractors now to learn more about the difference BuildBlock ICF can make.

Insulating Concrete Forms Jacksonville FL

What are ICFs?

Interlocking hollow Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) foam blocks

  • Stacked into the shape walls
  • Reinforced with steel rebar
  • Filled with concrete

  • One of the strongest energy-efficient concrete construction methods available today

    Insulating Concrete Forms Jacksonville FL

    Benefits of Insulating Concrete Forms

    Our concrete contractors use insulating concrete forms that are made with expanded polystyrene and reinforced with steel rebar. BuildBlock products are reliable and the first choice for numerous builders and homeowners.

    When you choose BuildBlock ICF for your concrete services, you are choosing a product that is:

    Affordable: Durable ICF construction can reduce heating and cooling costs by 25%

    Energy-efficient: Stronger insulation improves heating and cooling flow

    Sound-proof: ICF walls are proven to drastically reduce traveling sound

    Safe: Buildblock ICF helps prevent mold and eliminate dust particles

    Durable: BuildBlock ICF is known to withstand hurricanes, tornados and earthquakes

    Make sure your home is structurally sound. Choose Burlington Concrete Construction Inc. for concrete services in Jacksonville, FL.

    Insulating Concrete Forms Jacksonville FL

    Why Choose BuildBlock?

    The company behind the ICF you choose is as important as the ICF itself. BuildBlock Building Systems LLC is owned and operated by ICF veterans with years of practical field experience. Here are the many advantages BuildBlock forms have over other manufacturers' products:

  • Fully Reversible
  • Corner Blocks
  • Numbered and Marked Cut Lines
  • Horizontal Connections
  • Half Height Cutting
  • Block Bonding
  • Tie Web Spacing/Attach Points

  • Call Burlington Concrete Construction Inc. to schedule your BuildBlock ICF installation in today!